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Saturday, February 5, 2011


About my feelings , hmm... I'm not used to it .. i don't know how it works , I'm not hurt , happy but I feel like I was cut . Sincerily i really don't know how to explain , i'll do my best  .
I belive in love , blind love  , I'm not a stranger , I feel like it was yesterday . I'm not afraid , I don't wanna be alone , sometimes I feel miserable or disgusted .
I have no one to belive in me like you do , or suport me , everything kills me inside . I wish I could make all my pain just go away , but .... I just can't , I`m not stronger enough . I don't belive in me and sometimes I guess I dont't deserve a chance for life but here I am , standing right in front of my computer , and writing all my suffer and I know that isn't helping me  but I still waiting my sunshine . 
Wish to sun rise , but the strom won't leave and I have no clue how to make it stop . I'm gooing down , down , down ,deeper and deeper and I don't wanna hear that sound , I thought I could fly but my winds are broken , I always fall down ... in a miserable black hole , crying and starving for love .

 I really wish to be a dream and this morning i'll wake up and smile for a new life , style life , But i have to suport my own nightmare ! 

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