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Monday, February 7, 2011

Rain .

I want , i want , i want rain ...
I wanna sit in the rain and cold drops to flow over my body .
To feel cool and quiet rain on a summer night ,
To play on the streets somewhere where  nobody can see us ..
Where worries and thoughts in order to be able to cry as I want .
It can feel like living in this planet detached from the world , paralel to everything i was used to .
My own planet , beautiful voices and feelings created by my deep , my perfect brand of heroine .
Cuz' every night I'm talking to the moon ,
Nothing can compare to that night , the only life we have contained in a hole detached from pure agony . reality  .
I want , i want ,  i want you just for me , close to my heart , you may feel lost and cold to rain , tears Lord , tears of ours sweet / bitter memories that i won't forget for the rest of my life .
Maybe you remember me once again and I loved you the most  , you were my life , my breath
But far away all my dreams, to be us again were destroyed only by a tear that now is descending slowly to my bloody lips and
 All , all , all is gone forever  .

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