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Monday, February 7, 2011

Love Isnt' Blind It's Retarded .

There's a world where
Strangers are everywhere
There's a world where
We don't want to be afraid
Cuz' we aren't brave
The means creatures
Wants to kill us inside
Don't wanna be alone
A life with a vampire

I'm not alone
I'm not a stranger
In my perfect world
It's hurts so good
We`re cut like wood

I'm tired feelin' so numb
Feelin' so high in the bloody sky
With all the sintetic blood
They said " You owned us ! "
We aren't pupets , we are human beeing , breathing and suffering
With misery I gave up
And I was cut , it was a tinny papercut
And everything i had was gone
A paintfull shy
Colour glasses broke
And the mean sucker
Drawned me for all the blood.
I died inside , outside ,
I was empty , usless and mad myself
Studenly all i need
Was a cup of V drink
I was feelin' so God good !
It's hurts so good
Love wasnt' blind
It's Retarded
Inside my slow body
The emotions were so deep
And he make me sick of it .. !

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