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Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Strange Story of Jim Carter !

                  There is a story that need to be known,told us Carrie. Carrie Mithell is a reporter and her husband Jim Carter is dead. She 's 26 years old , when Jim died had 21 like Carrie.
      This thing is really strange because Jim died long time ago in 2006. His death’s cause is still unknown. Nobody knows if he was murdered or was just a simple suicide.
     Carrie always found a reason to avoide this subject but now something happened. She comes to Mac Tayson to tell him about the true reason of Jim`s death.... that she think.
      Mac Tayson is the type of guy seriosly but nice and good person. He`s job is really hardly , he is a criminalist investigator and he knows how to make good  justice.

-Good morning , Carrie, nice to see you again. How are you?
-Oh, Mac... I’m very confused because ..... it’s something I want to tell you about Jimmy.
-Ok , tell me but in a few minutes because now I’m gooing to bring his file.
-I’m waiting you , said Carrie.
  After twelve minutes Mac returns to Carrie and he starts to read Jim`s file.

„Jim Carter was extremely good and nicely person with a pronounced sense of houmer.
He died in thirteen march on Friday of 2006. Jim was found dead in front of his house buried in a sea of grass lawn. ”
When Mac finished to read the file he sat down and thought about this case , and something shown up in his mind. He rememberd another cases like that and this one was case 37.
-This is impossible , said Mac worryed.
-What happend? Is something wrong?
-No , Carrie please now I have work to do . Can you tell me later?
-Of , ok if you want .... I will come back in three days.
-That’s perfect Carrie , thanks ! We keep in touch.
-Fine Mac , see you later, good-bye!
-Have a nice day .
   Carrie is leaving the room and she is gooing to her house.  Two days later Mac faind a folder with all casses when the victims were buried in grass in front of their house and with all circumstances.
Mac analyse all the cases and he realized the key point  and he call Carrie .  
 -Carrie, it’s Mac , come to me how early you can ! and the voice mail stops..
Carrie was at a shopmarkt , she arrived home and listened the voice mail.
When she heard Mac`s voice , she got scared and dazed .Two minutes later she go she go to Mac .
 To be continued.

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